Building a better environment, one business at a time...

Green Biz Wichita believes that Wichita area businesses can do well for themselves while doing good for the environment. The group's membership extends this belief through active education, partnership, advocacy and recognition programs designed to encourage local businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their operations while enhancing overall business performance and sustainability practices.

Green Biz Wichita intends to:

  • Showcase the Wichita business community as a national leader for sustainable business practices
  • Measure and track individual companies as they journey toward sustainability
  • Enlist nearly 100 percent participation from the Wichita business community
  • Serve as the local conduit for businesses to network around and be inspired by community sustainability


Our members make the difference...

Green Biz Wichita was founded on the belief that our members are our best resource for improving our environmental future. Green Biz Wichita is self-governed with six active committees, and we encourage your participation. Their responsibilities range from recruiting new members to promoting the organization and its efforts to finding other groups in our community and nationally that we can partner on for information, events, programs and initiatives.

We welcome all members to get involved in at least one committee and to share their ideas as often as possible!


We all benefit through collaboration...

The best benefit to Green Biz Wichita membership is collaboration. While we are constantly enhancing the ideas and the benefits our members enjoy through working together and sharing ideas, some of the benefits our memberships enjoy today are services, tools and offerings that make businesses more energy and environmentally efficient, access to and public affiliation with other local leaders and a chance to showcase your own environmental practices, among many others.


It's time...

It is the intention of Green Biz Wichita to work, as appropriate, with appropriate individuals and organizations to ensure access to the organization to all those who seek it.

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